What you need to know about Facial Aesthetics

Dental Beauty not only recognises but prides itself on how vital it is to implement quality measures with the best-in-class clinicians when it comes to performing dental and facial treatments.

Here at Dental Beauty, all our clinical teams performing any cosmetic treatment are not only highly trained but are qualified by the highest clinical standards and have multiple years in the field. Consequently, this ensures that you will receive your desired look in the most natural way possible, whether it is filler, Botox or any other facial treatment.

Due to the ‘unacceptable’ rise of botched procedures, consequently causing long-lasting harm to patients, the government is set to bring in a licensing scheme for Botox and filler procedures.

Practitioners offering filler and Botox will be required to have a licence to carry out these types of procedures.

Health secretary ‘Savid Javid’ is committed to ‘protecting patient safety by making it an offence for someone to perform these cosmetic procedures without a licence.

The licensing scheme will establish standards for the practitioners of non-surgical cosmetic procedures, as well as standards for ensuring that the premises are safe and hygienic.

The health secretary continues to outline the rise of ‘patients who have been left emotionally and physically scarred after botched cosmetic procedures and it is time to think about the impact on both mental and physical health.
One way this is being combated is by ensuring patients are using a ‘reputable, safe and qualified practitioner.’

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