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    Process - Selling your practice has never been easier.

    It is vital that when you sell your practice, you can ensure you are selling it into good hands. Dental Beauty is becoming one of the UK’s fastest-growing Dental groups with practices in London, Hertfordshire, Kent and Manchester.


    We are successful because we rely on the knowledge and expertise of the dentists who collaborate with us to deliver the best private dental care in contemporary, well-equipped, and efficiently run clinics.


    We are also aware that the one-size-fits-all approach is not feasible in dentistry. This is why our team will create a business model that will work for you and your team based on the size, location and external factors regarding your practice. We know that a personalised strategy is what will deliver the best results!


    Management at a practice level coupled with the amazing support from our head office personnel is provided to our Dental Beauty Practices. Not needing to worry about the logistics, operational, financial and marketing side, gives owners of the practice the ability to continue practising dentistry and providing consistent patient care.


    Our success is shared, and our patients continue to have the finest experience at Portman because of the practices that join us because they exemplify our vision and principles.

    Process - Dental Beauty Do Things Differently.

    Dental Beauty Partners have built a successful reputation for providing the best possible patient experience and excellent clinical care by attracting the best-in-class clinicians and teams.


    Why you should choose Dental Beauty Partners:

    Financial Security

    As soon as you join our team, one method we may start expanding your practice is by reducing your expenditures. Due to our purchasing power and reputation in the world of dentistry and manufacturing, there will be more efficient use of funds. Consequently, not having to worry about the financial side of things, will allow you more time and materials to dedicate to your patients.

    Clinical Care

    Clinical care is at the forefront of Dental Beauty. We invest in state-of-the-art facilities to develop a comfortable and seamless digital patient journey. Being part of a multi-award-winning dental group means you will be part of a group that puts patients first, and we will give you the tools to do so.


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