Start your clinic in partnership with the global market leader

Invest with the UK’s largest and fastest-growing dental group – combine your passion with our proven business model.


Dental Beauty offers a tried and tested blueprint, used by more than 40+ clinics and 5 brands in London, Kent, Hertfordshire and Manchester – we know how to help you to succeed. With an award-winning brand beside you, we look forward to welcoming you to the Dental Beauty Partners team, if you are looking for an exciting opportunity in a high-growth industry.

How it Works

Booming Dentistry industry

Run a business in one of the UK’s fastest-growing industries.

Award winning growth

Dental Beauty is a multi-award
winning dental group.

Ongoing Support & Training

Extensive resources at your fingertips including training programmes, operational support, and business management tools.

Market-leading Brand

You'll operate with an outstanding reputation for service, innovation, customer care, and competitive pricing.

Refined Business Model

You'll enjoy a £40,000 annual salary and you should aim for a six-figure profit share from year 2.

50/50 Partnership

We both invest the same amount, you draw a £40K salary from month 1, and we split ongoing profits 50/50.

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Why Join Us?

What makes us the global market leader?
We are not like other dental clinics – we are the UK’s fastest growing dental group! Our innovation and development mean we are leaders on price too.
How have we got here?
By partnering with talented dentists who share our values on development, dedication, delivery and duty of care.

Shared risk, shared cost, shared rewards

Our innovation, scale, and disruptive pricing model have cemented our position as market leaders. Your clinic will compare favourably on affordability with your local competition while delivering top-quality results using the industry’s latest and best technology.



You invest from £100K cash + bank funding, total c.£200K per clinic.


Laser Clinics UK match your investments of c.£200K per clinic



You take a £40K annual salary from month one


You have proven personal drawings potential of £150K+ per annum, on top of the salary



Enjoy profits up to £1m from your first 5 years trading

Although based on existing franchisee performance, all figures, forecasts, and timeframes are approximate and should not be relied upon as a guarantee. A full financial breakdown will be discussed with prospective franchisees as part of the recruitment process.


Whatever your long term clinical goals are, they will help you to achieve it. Clinical excellence is one of the things they pride themselves on and it's the best place for you to grow and develop as a young clinician.

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I enjoy working for Dental Beauty, I feel like they are very supportive and there's some progression as well if you really wanted to, so there's always that all round kind of balance.

Management are amazing, you never feel alone so you have always got support from somebody above you. Anything your struggling with you just pick up the phone and there's always help there.

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