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Corporate Social Responsibility

Save The Children

In totality, several Dental Beauty Practices raised £215 to help children around the world experience safety, food and shelter.


Red Nose Day

In which Dental Beauty raised £189 towards the Comic Relief Campaign to aid children and young adults at risk of domestic abuse and those struggling financially.

dental beauty corporate social responsibility

Upcoming Events



PÄRLA will hold a TOOTHPASTE TUBE AMNESTY DAY where people can donate their toothpaste tubes to charity. Patients are being encouraged to deposit their old toothpaste tubes and deposit them in the Toothpaste Tube Amnesty Bins available across all Dental Beauty Practices.

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Ukraine Fundraising


Both Dental Beauty Blackheath and Dental Beauty Lee are hosting a raffle event in which the chosen winner will be able to win free teeth whitening worth £399!

dental beauty ukraine fundraising