Brace Yourself: What you need to know about fixed metal braces!

An orthodontic treatment straightens your teeth and gives you a beautiful, healthy smile that you can be proud of. No matter what your needs are, if you want your teeth straightened quickly, comfortably, or in secret, Dental Beauty has the teeth straightening system that is right for you.

Typically, when one pictures braces, they picture a young child going through their rite of passage with a mouth full of metal. But what are braces for and for whom? Our teeth straightening team has expertise in a wide range of teeth straightening systems. Dental Beauty will give you the load down on fixed braces and what you can expect!

So what are fixed braces?

A fixed brace requires small metal brackets and bands to be temporarily stuck to the teeth, All brackets are connected by a flexible wire that allows the teeth to move in a way that is controlled. Due to the fact you cannot take the appliance out yourself is where the ‘fixed’ comes in. Overtime, your dentist will adjust the wire accordingly to ensure the teeth are being pulled and pushed in a way that will get you your desired look!

What are the benefits of braces?

If you require orthodontic treatment for a medical reason, fixed braces can provide the following benefits:

  • Eruption of teeth
  • Sever overcrowding
  • Misalignment

Braces provide predictable results, partially because patients cannot interrupt the treatment process by removing them.

How long do I need braces?

Much like every dental treatment, every patient is unique and the treatment time varies upon many factors. Typically, a fixed brace lasts anywhere from 12 months to two and a half years depending on the condition of your teeth. Back teeth usually take longer to move than front teeth, as they have a larger surface area and more than one root. Your visits to the dentist will be regular, averaging once a month, to ensure your teeth are being taken care of.

Do I need braces?

Following an examination and diagnosis by our resident dentist, you will receive a recommendation on the most appropriate orthodontic treatment for you.

What age can I have braces?

Although fixed braces are associated with teenagers, fixed braces have no age limit for anyone. Any person who is affected by over-crowded teeth, misalignment of teeth, under/overbite are eligible for orthodontic treatment.

What do I need to change if I have braces?

Getting a fixed brace is not an invasive procedure and once put it, does not really affect your day to day life. The patient might feel uncomfortable with the sensation of having metal and wires in their mouth, but very soon it becomes natural and patients forget they even have braces in.

With this being said, being a bit more cautious with the factors below will ensure ease in your orthodontic treatment.

Habits: The moment your braces are fitted, you’ll have to conquer bad habits such as biting your nails and chewing pen lids, as they can easily result in a painful experience and an unnecessary emergency visit to the orthodontist.

Eating: You may need to slightly alter and adapt your eating habits to ensure you are not putting pressure on your brace. For instance, foods such as bread and sweetcorn that are hard or chewy may cause difficulty for people who wear braces.

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